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Divorce is challenging, even if you are the one who initiated the divorce. No matter the situation that compelled you to separate, it’s hard to part with the person you once shared a relationship with.

The person who was once your teammate is now your opponent. You need an intelligent, protective, reasonable, communicative team in front of you and behind you. Burke Family Law understands this and will remain on your side, fighting for you with ethics, high standards, and the support you need on the hardest days.

Spousal Support​

To focus on case settlement, each party must feel as financially secure as the circumstances allow. It is nearly impossible to present and entertain rational proposals from a chaotic state. Burke Family Law aims to keep cases out of crisis by stabilizing the temporary finances with temporary spousal support, then moving swiftly toward permanent spousal support.

Child Support​

Burke Family Law offers solutions that promote financial stability for children, to shelter them as much as possible from the disruption and conflict that characterizes their parents’ separation. We act quickly to ascertain each party’s earning capacity and establish temporary child support orders accordingly.

Child Custody and Visitation​

Burke Family Law takes a child-centered approach to custody and visitation. When you are separating from your co-parent, your children will be best served by prioritizing their safety, wellbeing, happiness, and development. This viewpoint excludes any discussion of winning and losing, and places the best interests of the child(ren) at the center of all child-related issues.

Complex Asset Division​

Burke Family Law has extensive experience with high-asset cases. Our firm has developed streamlined methods for handling discovery and division of large assets, including, in appropriate cases, bringing in forensic accountants to help with strategy and settlement.

Burke Family Law also handles division of simple assets, in which cases the firm conserves financial resources by delegating data-gathering to assistants, who bill at a much lower rate while working under Katie Burke’s supervision.

Protection from Domestic Violence​

Burke Family Law takes a zero tolerance approach to domestic violence. Our team works compassionately, carefully, and closely with people moving out of violent circumstances. This entails setting clear and consistent boundaries with perpetrators of violence and educating those who do not understand the insidious cycle of domestic violence.

Burke Family Law is devoted to protecting our clients from harm as they carefully bring themselves to safety. If someone is inflicting violence on you, you need a team who understands how to navigate the legal system to best protect you.

Protection from Civil Harassment​

Burke Family Law believes all people deserve dignity, respect, and the freedom to move through the world free of harassment. Civil harassment matters take place in civil court, not family court. The dynamics are similar, but the governing statutes and procedures differ from those in family law. If you are the target of violence and/or bothersome mistreatment from another, you can seek protection regardless of your relationship with the person tormenting you.

Premarital Agreements​

Burke Family Law diligently drafts and reviews premarital agreements and the requisite financial disclosures, using thoughtful analysis to create enforceable contracts that clearly state the parties’ intent at signing. If you are spending the time and money to create a Premarital Agreement, you should have a solid Agreement at least three months before your wedding date. Our team’s goal is to have your Agreement signed three months in advance, so you can focus on the fun parts of your wedding knowing your marital goals are properly documented.

Post-Marital Agreements​

Sometimes you realize after marriage that you must do marriage planning. While premarital agreements are ideal, it is never too late to get your objectives in writing. It is essential that you detail the circumstances that led to your Post-Marital Agreement, since your fiduciary duty to your spouse invokes greater scrutiny in evaluating post-marital agreements, should a trier of fact ever need to conduct such a review. Burke Family Law uses thoughtful analysis to create enforceable contracts that clearly state the parties’ circumstances and intent at signing.

Family Law Mediation​

Burke Family Law mediates family law matters, acting as a neutral professional on behalf of both parties to a family law dispute or transaction, to help them resolve their issue out of court.

If you and the other party do not have a significant power imbalance, and you respect each other regardless of any tension between you, then you are likely good candidates for mediation.