Who We Are

Burke Law adheres to a high standard of excellence, operating with integrity and insight in both family law matters and workplace investigations. Burke Law passionately and expertly advocates for our clients in their marital planning and family disputes, and skillfully and impartially investigates complaints within our clients’ workplaces.

Our Mission

We are champions of truth and empowerment. We understand power dynamics within familial and co-worker relationships. We expertly plan for family challenges and passionately advocate for our family law clients. Our workplace investigations are impartial and insightful, giving our employer clients well-written reports that they can use to improve their workplaces and make their employees happier and healthier at work.

Our team has more than two decades of legal experience that we bring to every client’s matter. We expertly guide our clients through the legal process, no matter how complex the case.
Our systems ensure excellent representation for our clients. We present all our cases with the highest standards.
We are devoted to and deliver on a fair-minded legal process.

Our team has extensive experience, and we leverage everyone’s strengths for the benefit of each client and their case.

We understand that legal issues are challenging. Compassion for our clients drives our work.
We take our clients’ trust seriously and act in their best interests. We carefully assess and explain each case, treating every client as a part of our team.
We encircle our clients with colleagues from our networks. We are active members of the legal and business communities of the Bay Area.
Our team brings strong ethics and integrity to every aspect of our work. We believe in our clients and create clear and insightful narratives to reflect that.